Oyster Creek Farm

Equestrian Training and Lessons
13103 1/2 Happy Ln
Cypress, TX 77429
Phone: 713-962-6085 • email: kerryannocf@gmail.com


Riding Lessons - Oyster Creek Farm provided riding instruction for all ages from beginner to advanced. Riding horses provides not only a great aerobic type exercise, it also provides a chance for you to learn to partner with a horse. It also gives the opportunity to meet other people with the same passion for horses. Many lifetime friends are created by the sharing of the riding experience. Children who learn to ride, learn patience in dealing with themselves and others as well as learning to work hard to achieve goals.

Lessons are individual sessions from 30-45 minutes in length until the rider obtains competency in basic horsemanship skils, such as guiding the horse with the reins at the walk and trot. Once the rider can demonstrate this type of compentency, small group lessons may be available. Riding in groups will allow the new and experienced rider the chance to learn to navigate around other horses and obstacles safely.

Your goals as a rider will be discussed with you, so your lesson plans can be tailored to your specific needs.

Lessons are $45.00 per lesson. A package of 10 lessons can be purchased in advanced for $400.00. Contact KerryAnn to schedule your lessons today!

All riders 18 years of age are required to wear an approved ASTM certified Equestrian Helmet. You may bring your own, or borrow one of ours. If you wish to purchase your own, you can find them at many tack shops. All riders must also sign a copy of the release form. You may download it from our webpage by click on the link and bring it with you to your first lesson. Release form

Other required attire is long pants such as jeans and some type of boot with a small heel. Shorts, Tennis shoes, flip-flops, sandals, or open toed shoes will not be permitted. This is for the safety of the rider.

When you have decided that riding horses is for you or your child, we recommend that you purchase the following equipment andclothingto make riding more comfortable:

    • • Jodphur Pants - Black, Brown or Navy are fine
    • • Jodphur Boots or Paddock Boots: Black or Brown, recommend black
    • • Leather Riding Gloves
    • • ASTM Certified Equestrian Helment

Vendors for the items listed are: